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Find out why the leading marketers and gurus are leaving Facebook and joining the video advertising revolution.


Click! Click! Boom!! On your way the easiest way to be in paid advertising on the planet!

TubeMasterPro is just USD67 per month, no contract or lock-in.

We believe that if we're that good (we are!), you'll stay using our marketing weapon in your YouTube™ marketing arsenal, month after month, as your profits EXPLODE and your ROI goes THROUGH THE ROOF.

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According to Nielsen, YouTube™ reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Millions of subscriptions happen each day. Video advertising lets you instantly engage new and current customers all over the planet. With the right targeting tools, you can specify which country, zipcode, interest, income level of your consumer. Consider who else in the world could benefit from your product or service.

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Videos can increase shopping cart sizes by an 174%. Unlike trying to run your video ad through broadcast channels, which will cost thousands and thousands of dollars, YouTube™ advertising literally costs pennies on the dollar. Imagine streaming your ads to the millions of mobile devices and desktops that consumer more than 6 billion hours of content each month!

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Most digital advertising platforms are complex and lengthy. Tube Target Pro lets you search for your perfect audience, setup your campaign, and integrate to your Adwords, all in one.

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According to Nielsen, YouTube™ reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. In addition, 75% of executives watch videos at least once a week, 50% watch videos on YouTube™, and 65% visit the website after viewing a video.

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The World’s Most Powerful Video Advertising Tool!

Tube Target Pro is filled with market crushing tools and features.


Everything you need to create, target and run your YouTube™ In-Stream ads to crush your competition and make money.


Search for videos containing your keyword and then run your ads to play before these! People have explicitly done a search for these videos..and then YOURS plays! Conversions conversions conversions...!


Find thousands of videos for selected keywords or key phrases. Go longtail searching for the gold - in seconds.


Literally STEAL the traffic from your competitors! With TubeMasterPro, you find the videos from your competitors that you then run YOUR In-Stream video ads to before theirs starts! Targeted eyeballs convert LIKE CRAZY!

campaign builder


Create your Adwords video ad with all the precise YouTube™ video URL's you're going to run your ad before...from scratch, inside 60 seconds! No complexity, No Adwords knowledge needed!


Remove and replace under-performing video placements with fresh NEW videos for your target niche, and update your Adwords campaign in SECONDS!


Don't have a video production department to create your killer video ad? Upload your raw video to us for a fast turnaround and set fee!


Create unlimited target list groups containing hundreds or thousands of video URL's in your niche, ready to run your ads to them with LASER precision!


We hate support tickets, and we know you do too. So just talk to a real support person or your fellow YouTube™ marketers in real time!

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TubeMasterPro is just USD67 per month, no contract or lock-in.


We believe that if we're that good (we are!), you'll stay using our marketing weapon in your YouTube marketing arsenal, month after month, as your profits EXPLODE and your ROI goes THROUGH THE ROOF.


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What our users are saying

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Walt Wise

Walt Wise

Will be a very useful tool in my marketing tool chest get a lot of use. Thanks for showing it to me.

Adam Crooks

Adam Crooks

This software is a must have when it comes to getting your message and product to the audience you want. Why waste $$$ fluffing around with other stuff or people when it can do it all for you. Great support when you need it. Jump onboard.

Romeo Varga

Romeo Varga

Hey guys! This seems like a fantastic platform and an all-in-one place to launch my YouTube™ advertising campaigns for Agent Nigele. I have already had Nathan do a demo of how it works previously and I found it amazing. Then again this morning during the webinar we got to see more of it. Just trialled it a bit and loved the easy to follow step by step tutorial. On top of it all, it can t be passed up on at the current discounted price! I CANNOT wait to dive right in it!

Alan Salter

Alan Salter

Does what it is designed to do well and is educational. A great job by Nathan Hague and team! Even for a novice YouTuber and technology user I can still understand and use it

Victor Apihene

Victor Apihene

Amazing content great product couldn't be more happy with it. Going to implement it now to grow my new podcast and drive traffic to it! A must for any entrepreneur

Reece Mander

Reece Mander

Great work by Nath and the team, so easy to use looking forward to taking my marketing on YouTube™ to another level! The trial is great because it allows you to get a good feel first!

Lynda Gale

Lynda Gale

WoW! Even as a novice in YouTube™ marketing TubeMasterPro is super simple and easy to navigate, I can immediately see how my business will benefit from this software and now excited to build my video library and create massive reach using this system. Nathan Hague you Rock!

Russell Lubin

Russell Lubin

Awesome system - so easy to use - everyone get on board. Just taken the tour and it looks to good to be true. Looking forward to getting involved

John Cusick

John Cusick

Tube Master Pro . Is as beautiful as it is powerful. It has a clear easy to follow tutorial whilst almost zero learning curve . You certainly dont need to be a pro to use this tool. I really cant wait to unleash the power of this beast.

Phillipe Lecoutre

Phillipe Lecoutre

The software Nate created here is simply mind blowing. It is saving a f*cking whole sh*t of time (trying to talk like Nate). You don t need to spend hours finding the relevant monetized video where your video ads will be most likely to perform or wait for YT to provide you with "some" results. This is clearly offering a fantastic advantage over the competition

Nick Abregu

Nick Abregu

Tube Master Pro is pretty rad. The back end of this software is amazingly slick and intuitive. I love the step by step guide to setting it all up. Doing all this through actual YouTube™ isn t a pain until you realise how much time your e wasting!

Humayun Miah

Humayun Miah

Amazing software that will explode your YouTube™ marketing efforts putting your video in front of the relevant eyeballs. More leads, more conversion and more sales.

Paul Greaves

Paul Greaves

this is an absolute game changer. The backend is easy to use and takes all the time and effort out of creating an advertising campaign. And the ads are cheap at the min

Steve Mueller

Steve Mueller

This is amazing software and it s a trick that I know my competitors aren t doing, so I m always going to have the advantage and appear whenever they re searched for on YouTube™.

Darren Lucas

Darren Lucas

Tubemaster Pro is the bees knees. Despite the price point, its a very easy to use and straight forward tool. No fluff or bullshit to confuse you like some software. Feckin grand job Nathan

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

TubeMasterPro equips your weak Clark Kent YouTube™ ad efforts with hyper laser shooting Superman powers. It s so easy to use. The tool helps you perform all the research, and then coughs up just what you need to run your ads before videos that matter - instead of spilling your guts before those stupid cat videos!

Luke Hagreen

Luke Hagreen

Great work - looking forward to implementing more, and seeing where I can take this! Hopefully able to put more work into this great piece to see some better results!

Dan LyonsAmazing content great product couldn't be more happy with it. Going to implement it now to grow my new podcast and drive traffic to it! A must for any entrepreneur

Dan Lyons

Tube Master Pro is awesome! I LOVE the ability to target my direct competition using the channel search. Also the ability to reach monetised videos only seals the deal for me. Thank you guys

YouTube™ is the World’s SECOND BIGGEST search engine.

So what if we told you that you could literally advertise YOUR product or service on the videos of your competitors?

Mind: Blown!

That’s right: With TubeMasterPro, you can find monetized videos in your chosen niche - and then create YOUR YouTube™ In-Stream video advert to run RIGHT before those videos play!

You LITERALLY STEAL the Audience for those videos – and send them to YOUR website.

All legal. All legitimate.

Best of all? Prices for these YouTube™ In-Stream videos are at the same prices Facebook® clicks were a few years ago!


Let Me Show You How To Create a Targeted YouTube™ Video Campaign

Step #1 - Search For Videos

With TubeMasterPro, you can search for videos yourself OR you can STEAL the Audiences from YouTube™ Channels!

First, you pick how you want to search for the videos in your niche.

  • Keyword or Key Phrase - search for videos matching your long tail keywords or key phrases – we’ll give you all the YouTube™ match types containing monetized videos!

  • By Video Description - search for videos containing your standard search description

  • By Channel Name - find YouTube™ channels, and then find the monetized videos on that channel. You can LITERALLY STEAL the audience for that video!
    Save all your videos into a Target Group ready for the next step...

Step #2 - Create Your Entire YouTube™ Campaign

OK, so now you’ve found the YouTube™ videos and saved them into teasy you’re going to run your ads before, now it’s time to create the ACTUAL Google® Adwords™ video campaign. This is where TubeMasterPro comes in - you can create in LITERALLY SECONDS, your ENTIRE Adwords™ campaign - better and more targeted than expensive Ad Agencies can offer you!

  • Name Your Campaign - and follow the onscreen instructions in plain English. We hate complexity. We love simplicity.

  • Select Which Target Group..and Export! - you’ll be telling Adwords™ which YouTube™ videos you will be running your ads before.
    And the export to a file...

Step #3 - Upload to Google Adwords. AND YOU’RE LIVE!

You’ve found the videos.

You’ve created your entire campaign.

You’ve uploaded your campaign to Adwords™

...that’s it!

  • Here’s what you’ll see with just 10 video placements - of course, you’ll be finding hundreds or THOUSANDS of targeted YouTube™ video URL’s to run YOUR ad before.

  • JOB DONE! - As soon as Google® ok your ad, you’re live.

    It is THAT easy.

    It is THAT quick.

Start your free, no-risk 7 day trial

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